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Golf Trolleys including electric and manual golf carts. Including push and pull trolleys.

Big Max Golf Equipment

Big Max Golf has grown into one of the fastest growing equipment brands in the world especially in the field of Golf Trolleys.
Since the launch of the company it has specialised in producing innovative and practical trolleys which have been ground breaking in their design.
Big Max is commited to the walking lifestyle of golf and is driven to make this as accessable and easy as possible.
The ultra slim Blade+ is the ultimate example of design and functionality. The trolley definitely stands out from all the other trolleys on the market.
Big Max has complemented the trolley range with the most spectacular designs in golf bags to complement them. Their range of Aqua Dry Trolley Bags are the ultimate in providing the absolute waterproof golf bag for sitting on the trolley in the worst of all weathers.
For 2016 Big Max has gone even further in its desire to create the perfect golf trolley with the launch of the very latest incarnation of the Autofold FF. Its most distinguishing feature is the all new ultra-fast flat-fold technology where all three wheels fold with the push of a single lever. This technology just does not exist on any other trolley on the market at this time.
With the full range of Big Max products the golfer is provided with every thing that they need to enjoy their round of golf and these can all be viewed and purchased from

Big Max Autofold

Big Max Autofold Trolley
Big Max Autofold Trolley

Big Max golf trolleys are built to last, durable, lightweight and easy to use.

With such a great pedigree n golf trolleys, it is no surprise that the latest Big Max golf trolley “Big Max Auto Fold” is an extremely desirable piece of golfing equipment.

Big Max consider that there is no comparable 3-wheel trolley, which you can handle so easily and quickly.

With a simple one hand movement you are able to fold the trolley into an extremely compact package. This trolley offers a great additional feature – the front tyre will automatically collapse, when you fold the trolley.

The Autofold is also one of the most stable Big Max golf carts designed   and possibly one of the most stable golf carts on the market. This compactable Big Max golf cart can carry even the heaviest Tour bags.

Big Max have designed a golf trolley which captivates by its stylish and compact design and will accompany you on each golf course.

A few of the Big Max Autofold features include.

  • Fastest and easiest foldable 3-wheel trolley of the world
  • Compact and sportive design
  • Front wheel will collapse automatically
  • Revolutionary Auto-fix fold technique
  • Stable construction – suitable for every size and weight of bag
  • Weight: 7,6 kg
  • Size: approx. 74x36x42 cm
  • Available in black, white, navy

Big Max have a great legacy of quality golf cart manufacture and the increased demand for space saving golf equipment is pushing golf equipment manufacturers to invest great resources in fold up, lightweight golf equipment and accessories- the Big Max Autofold golf trolley is testament to that theory.

Big Max golf trolleys are considered to be amongst the very best golf carts in the world and for this reason Planet Golf UK are a main UK based stockist. We also ship Big Max golf equipment around Europe as our prices are extremely competitive and our knowledge in golf equipment for men’s, women’s and junior purposes is extensive. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.

We stock a wide range of Big Max golf equipment and accessories including the Big Max Autofold golf trolley.


Big MAX Golf Equipment

Big Max two wheel trolley
Big Max two wheel trolley

Big MAX is without doubt regarded as one of the world’s top golf trolley manufacturers. Founded in 1994, Big Max golf remains a strong and reliable brand name.

The brand is well known in the UK and Europe and has been frequently used by some of the best professionals in the game of golf. Big Max are also ideal for the junior golfer.

After pioneering the 3-wheel golf trolley Big Max golf made plenty other great achievements:

  • The breakthrough of push trolleys in Europe is directly connected to the best selling ever 3-wheel trolley Ti 1000
  • The smallest Push Trolley worldwide BIG MAX IQ
  • The smallest Electric-Trolley and winner of the Golf Europe Product Award BIG MAX Nano
  • Fastest folding ultra-compact trolley BIG MAX Smart


Big Max pride themselves on quality, innovation and function on all their golf products. The quality of products has been improved year on year and this gives them the confidence to offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years for BIG MAX Push- and Pull Trolleys.

Golf is not just an adult game and Big Max acknowledge this by investing in their Big Max junior golf equipment range.

The main focus of the company is the Big Max golf trolleys and Big Max golf carts which are extremely well built with the latest light weight designs and technology

Big Max push trolleys, pull trolleys and junior trolleys comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing which stands out is the convenience in design. Big Max golf equipment and accessories are mainly based around catering for the various golf trolleys and carts, for instance the range of Big Max golf bags are designed by a company who possess specialist knowledge on how a golf bag should fit securely and easily to a golf trolley.

However, Big Max golf clubs and golf club sets are also part of their highly desirable golf equipment range.

Whatever you’re looking for in quality golF equipment, Big Max are undoubtedly a reliable name in European and UK golfing. From lightweight golf trolleys and carts, to fold-able compact trolleys, durable golf bags and bag stands to golf clubs, travel covers and golf club sets, Big Max has a great name in the golf industry and it’s clear to see why.

Big Max golf
Big Max golf

Planet Golf UK stock a wide range of Big Max golf gear and our golf store specialises in a variety of the Big Max junior golf equipment and trolleys. For more information on our selection of Big Max products why not view our online Big Max Golf Equipment section today.