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How to Handicap in Golf

Handicap in Golf
Handicap in Golf

The ability of an amateur golfer can be shown by a numerical figure called Golf Handicap.  Golf Handicap is calculated and allotted as per the norms of course and handicapping rating system to allow the golfers of all standards to compete with each other. The maximum rating of handicap in golf for men is 36 whereas for women 45.

Handicap system in Golf was introduced in early 20th century by United States Golf association (USGA). The aim of this system was to equalize the field of playing golf for golfers of various capabilities to compete each other.

The system was improved in 1980s by introducing the term slop rating for golf course, in order to include the difficulty standard of golf course to calculate the golf handicap. The difficulty of course for bogey golfer as compared to course rating is shown by the number called slope rating, which is considered to be 113, an average of 55 and 155 the supposed minimum and maximum range of difficulty of course.

The weak player is allowed to play strokes on a given hole on the golf course, in this system, and deduct the stroke from his score on that hole. Thus the net score is figured out by the two players of different calibers, after ending the round.

According to USGA, course rating of say 74.8 is meant by 74.8 should be the average score of the player for best 50% rounds, the scratch golfer plays.

The USGA’s authenticated Handicap Index of a player can be calculated by a difficult formula that includes slope rating, adjusted gross score and course rating whereas adjusted gross score is the average of the total score of the strokes played at a hole.  Handicap index of a golfer can be attained for minimum 5 strokes played in a club authorized to issue it. Index is calculated by 10 of the best 20 rounds played by the player recently. It is used to calculate player’s handicap in golf.

It is the golf handicap that fixes the number of strokes to be played by the golfer on that course. It can easily be calculated by consulting various calculators online or by adding slope rating of the course to USGA Handicap Index.

The golfer has to become the member of an authorized golf club by USGA to get his Handicap Index. Once the course handicap is received by the golfer he becomes geared up to compete with any golfer globally.