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Ben Sayers XF Pro Mallet Putter

Ben Sayers XF Pro Mallet Putter
Ben Sayers XF Pro Mallet Putter
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The Ben Sayers XF Pro Mallet Men's Putter offers stability, consistency, and exceptional performance on the greens, making it a reliable choice for golfers seeking accuracy and value for money. Here are its key features:

  1. Classic Half Moon Shape Mallet Design: The putter features a classic half-moon shape mallet design, providing golfers with a high level of stability and consistency on every putt. This design promotes confidence at address and helps golfers maintain a smooth putting stroke.

  2. CNC Milled Face: The putter incorporates a CNC milled face, which ensures positive feedback, peak performance, and a consistent roll on the ball at all times. This precision-milled face technology enhances control and accuracy, allowing golfers to achieve optimal distance and direction control on their putts.

  3. Glare-Reducing Soft Stainless Effect Finish: The putter is finished with a glare-reducing soft stainless effect, which reduces distractions caused by glare and enhances focus on the putting surface. This finish contributes to improved visual clarity and alignment, facilitating better putting performance in various lighting conditions.

  4. Stepped Steel Shaft: Fitted with a stepped steel shaft, the putter provides stability and durability, ensuring a smooth and controlled putting stroke. The shaft's construction enhances feel and feedback, allowing golfers to gauge the quality of their strokes and make adjustments as needed for improved consistency.

  5. Ben Sayers Grip: The putter comes equipped with a Ben Sayers grip as standard, offering a comfortable and secure grip for enhanced control and feel during the putting stroke. The grip's design promotes proper hand placement and reduces unwanted wrist movement, facilitating a more stable and repeatable stroke.

  6. XF Pro Head Cover: Included with the putter is an XF Pro head cover, providing protection for the putter head during transportation and storage. The head cover helps maintain the putter's appearance and performance over time, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and reliability on the greens.

Overall, the Ben Sayers XF Pro Mallet Men's Putter combines classic design elements, advanced milling technology, and high-quality materials to deliver stability, consistency, and peak performance on the greens, making it an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels.

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