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Ben Sayers M8 Package Cart Bag Set +1 Inch Graphite Youths

Ben Sayers M8 Package Cart Bag Set +1 Inch Graphite Youths
Ben Sayers M8 Series Package Cart Bag Set Ben Sayers M8 Package Cart Bag Set Putter
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The Ben Sayers M8 Package Cart Bag Set, designed for youths with an additional 1 inch in length, offers a comprehensive set of clubs tailored for taller junior golfers. Here's what this set includes:

  1. Oversized Titanium Matrix Driver: Featuring a 12 Deg 460cc head size, the driver is designed to provide forgiveness and distance off the tee. The tactical flight channels help optimize the launch angle and promote a lower center of gravity for increased accuracy and maximum forgiveness.

  2. Matching Oversized Titanium Matrix Woods: The set includes matching 3 (15°) and 5 (20°) woods, which offer reliable performance and distance from the fairway or tee. These woods feature the same technology as the driver for consistent ball flight.

  3. Cutting Edge Hybrid: A 23° hybrid replaces the longer irons to provide easier launch and increased forgiveness. The offset hosel helps eliminate a sliced ball flight, while the lower center of gravity promotes higher ball flight and improved accuracy.

  4. Stainless Steel Irons: This set includes seven stainless steel irons ranging from 5 iron to sand wedge (5-SW). Featuring an undercut cavity design and fully embossed medallion, these irons offer extra forgiveness and playability. The wider sole and top line enhance forgiveness and confidence at address.

  5. Mallet-Style Putter: A classic mallet-style putter with a new flared design ensures consistent putting performance. The soft polymer insert provides a soft yet responsive feel for improved distance control on the greens.

  6. Headcovers and Cart Bag: All woods come complete with M8 head covers for protection. The set also includes a top-of-the-range cart bag with multiple pockets, including valuables pockets, and other convenient features.

  7. Graphite Shafts for Woods and Irons: Both woods and irons are equipped with graphite shafts, offering lightweight performance and enhanced swing speed for junior golfers.

Overall, the Ben Sayers M8 Package Cart Bag Set with an additional 1 inch in length is tailored for taller junior golfers, providing them with high-performance clubs and a feature-rich cart bag to enhance their playing experience on the course.