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ENERTOR™ insoles. Scientifically proven to improve your performance. WORN AND ENDORSED BY USAIN BOLT


Product Facts

• 36%* Energy Return which helps you run faster

• 44%* shock absorption helping you reduce injury

• Lasts up to 7x times longer than market leading insoles

*Tested by an Independent Test House


ALWAYS take existing, loose insoles

out before placing your ENERTOR

insoles inside.



 UK 3 to UK 14

Ideal for sports and hiking,

where space isn’t an issue.

Long lasting insoles to improve performance and reduce injury.

This insole will reduce the amount of pronation (foot going

inwards) and gives maximum control and stabilisation of the foot.

Your posture will improve and you may well find this premium insole

will make you walk further, run faster and jump higher.


COMFORT – ¾ lengths

 S (UK1 – UK5), M (UK6 - UK9) and

 L (UK10 – UK14)

 Perfect for everyday use and in tight-fitted shoes,

where additional material in the toe box becomes too tight.

To ensure the ¾ length doesn’t slide around under the foot, it sticks to

your shoes.

Protect your heel and mid foot and walk on air, or stand all

day in comfort.

This insole will protect your heel on impact and if you are

suffering from Heel pain this device will also protect your mid-foot.

It will feel like having a new pair of your most comfortable shoes on, which may

enable you to walk further and reduce injury.


COMFORT – Heel Cups

 S (UK1 – UK5), M (UK6 - UK9) and

 L (UK10 – UK14)

 Perfect for any shoes and high heels. The Heel Cups

stick to the shoes to ensure they sit correctly under the heel.

Protecting your heels every time you hit the ground. Having a pair

of discreet Heel Cups is a good start to improve your well being and to

avoid heel pain, if you haven’t already got heel pain. Walk further everyday

in comfort.



Enertor 3/4 Insoles
Market price: £29.99 save 33%
Enertor Heel Cups Insoles
Market price: £19.99 save 25%
Enertor Performance Insoles
Market price: £39.99 save 25%
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