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GolPhin GFK 728 Junior Driver 7-8 Yrs Blue

GolPhin GFK 728 Junior Driver 7-8 Yrs Blue
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The GolPhin GFK 728 Junior Driver in Blue is tailored for young golfers aged 7 to 8 years old and standing between 48" to 52.5" tall. Here are its key features:

  1. Aero-Space Alloy Construction: Crafted with aero-space alloy, GolPhin for Kids clubs are notably 22% lighter compared to other junior golf clubs. This lightweight construction enhances swing speed and control for young golfers.

  2. Larger Sweet Spot: The driver boasts a 35% larger sweet spot compared to standard junior golf clubs. This enlarged sweet spot increases the likelihood of producing great shots, even on off-center hits, providing young golfers with more enjoyable and rewarding experiences on the course.

  3. Oversized Club Head: Featuring an oversized club head, the driver offers forgiveness and stability upon impact. This design attribute aids in achieving a higher launch angle and greater distance off the tee, helping young golfers build confidence in their game.

  4. 16 Degree Loft: With a loft of 16 degrees, this driver is engineered to optimize the launch angle, facilitating easier ball elevation and optimal distance for young golfers' drives.

  5. Lightweight Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a lightweight graphite shaft, the driver enables young golfers to generate clubhead speed more efficiently, leading to improved distance and accuracy. The lightweight construction also supports consistent swings and enhances confidence during play.

In summary, the GolPhin GFK 728 Junior Driver in Blue is meticulously designed to provide young golfers with a high-quality club that delivers enhanced forgiveness, confidence-inspiring performance, and the potential for greater distance and accuracy off the tee.



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