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Masters MKids Lite Fairway (WMK2R45F)

Masters MKids Lite Fairway (WMK2R45F)
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The Masters MKids Lite Fairway, such as the MK Lite Fairway Yellow 45in / 115cm, is tailored to suit young golfers and help them improve their game. Here's an overview of its features:

  1. Color-Coded Options: The MK Lite Fairway is offered in three color-coded options, ensuring young golfers can select the one that suits their preferences or matches their other MKids® equipment.

  2. MKLite Tour Style Grip: These fairway woods come equipped with a unique Tour quality grip developed by MKids®, available in various sizes that grow with the length of the clubs. This grip design enables young players to develop a proper golfing grip while encouraging a light pressure grip and delivering exceptional stability.

  3. Perfect Specification: Designed specifically for young golfers, MKLite Fairways feature a 150cc head and 25° of loft. This configuration is optimized to maximize distance and consistency, catering to the unique needs of junior players.

  4. MKLite® Launch Control Shaft (LCX): The fairway woods are outfitted with the MKLite Launch Control Shaft, designed to generate a high launch angle and trajectory. This shaft design is particularly suited for younger kids, allowing them to achieve excellent flight, distance, and consistency in their shots.

In summary, the Masters MKids Lite Fairway woods offer young golfers a high-quality option tailored to their requirements, providing them with the tools they need to enhance their game and enjoy their golfing journey as they continue to develop their skills on the course.







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