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Masters MKids Pro Hybrid (IMK2R654)

Masters MKids Pro Hybrid (IMK2R654)
Masters MKids Pro Drivers
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The MK Pro Fairway in Grey, designed for players with a height of 65 inches (165cm), offers exceptional performance features tailored to young golfers. Here's what sets it apart:

  • MKPro Tour Style Grip: Engineered by MKids® in various sizes to accommodate growing hands, this tour-quality grip promotes a light pressure grip while ensuring exceptional stability. It aids in fostering a proper grip technique crucial for young golfers' development.

  • The Ultimate Specification: The MK Pro Fairway boasts a 165cc club head with a 21-degree loft, meticulously designed to maximize distance ball flight and ensure consistency in every shot. These specifications are crafted to elevate performance on the course.

  • ProLaunch Shafts by Grafalloy®: In collaboration with Grafalloy®, leaders in golf shaft technology, MKids® has developed the ultimate junior shaft. Featuring 'launch monitor tuned technology,' these shafts facilitate a high launch angle for optimal distance while minimizing torque, ensuring remarkable consistency for young golfers.

With these premium features, the MK Pro Fairway provides young golfers with the tools they need to excel on the course and enhance their game to new heights.


  • ProLaunch Shafts by Grafalloy®

MKids® worked closely with Grafalloy® - World leaders in golf shaft technology - to create the ultimate junior shaft. With 'launch monitor tuned technology' the shafts promote a high launch angle, giving shots optimum distance, with low torque bringing great consistency to all young golfers.