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TS5-60 6 Club Iron Set Steel Shaft

TS5-60 6 Club Iron Set Steel Shaft
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The Junior Golf Clubs - TS5 6 Club Only Set with Steel Shafts is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of intermediate to advanced young golfers. Here's what makes this set stand out:

  1. Optimal Height Range: Designed for players with a height range of 60 inches to 63 inches, ensuring a proper fit for junior golfers in this height bracket.

  2. w5 Model: The clubs in this set feature 5% lighter club heads compared to adult clubs, providing junior players with clubs that are easier to swing and control.

  3. J-Flex Shafts: Equipped with frequency-matched and spined J-Flex Shafts, these clubs offer consistency and stability, contributing to enhanced performance on the course.

  4. Low-to-Mid Flex Point: The shafts have a low-to-mid flex point, allowing for an optimal ball flight trajectory tailored to the swing characteristics of young golfers.

  5. Appropriately Sized Grip: The set includes appropriately sized grips to ensure a comfortable and secure hold for junior players. Additionally, replacements are available if needed, allowing for customization based on individual preferences.

Clubs in this Set:

  • 5-Iron to Pitching Wedge: The set comprises a range of clubs from the 5-iron to the pitching wedge, all featuring durable steel shafts. This comprehensive selection covers various distances and shot scenarios encountered on the course, offering versatility and adaptability to different playing conditions.

In summary, the Junior Golf Clubs - TS5 6 Club Only Set with Steel Shafts is designed to provide young golfers with high-quality equipment tailored to their skill level and physical attributes. With its lightweight construction, advanced shaft technology, and carefully selected club assortment, this set aims to optimize performance and enjoyment for junior players as they continue to hone their skills and passion for the game.

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