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TS5-66 10 Club Only Set Graphite Shafts

TS5-66 10 Club Only Set Graphite Shafts
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TS5-66 10 Club Only Set Graphite Shafts



Introducing the TS5-66 Junior Golf Clubs 10 Club Only Set with Graphite Shafts – a meticulously engineered collection tailored for intermediate to advanced young players. This exceptional set not only promotes skill development but also provides a delightful golfing experience with a focus on precision, comfort, and innovation.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Intermediate to Advanced Young Players: The TS5-66 set is thoughtfully crafted for young golf enthusiasts with intermediate to advanced skills, offering a 10 Club Only Set engineered for optimal performance.

  • Graphite Shafts for a Lighter and Softer Feel: Experience the advantage of Graphite Shafts across all clubs, delivering a lighter and softer feel to enhance the swing and overall comfort during play.

  • Expand Your Arsenal: Personalize your set further with optional additions such as stand bags, DD putters, 3-Hybrid, and Spin Tech Wedges. Enhance your golfing experience through individual purchases of additional Clubs

Exceptional Club Features:

  • Optimal Height Range: Specifically designed for young players with a height ranging from 66 inches to 69 inches, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit as they hone their golfing skills.

  • w5 Model: Introducing the innovative w5 model with club heads that are 5% lighter than adult counterparts, providing a dynamic advantage for young players seeking precision and control in every swing.

  • J-Flex Shafts: Immerse young players in advanced technology with J-Flex Shafts, frequency matched and spined to perfection. The low-to-mid flex point ensures an optimal ball flight trajectory, giving them the edge on the green.

  • Appropriately Sized Grip: Enjoy the comfort of appropriately sized grips, with replacements readily available for a personalized touch that complements the unique playing style of young golfers.

  • Headcovers Included: Protect the investment in these exceptional clubs with the included headcovers, adding a touch of style while ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Clubs in this Set:

  1. 420cc Driver, Graphite Shaft
  2. 3-Wood, Graphite Shaft
  3. 4-Hybrid, Graphite Shaft
  4. 5-Iron - Pitching Wedge, Graphite Shaft
  5. 56 Degree Wedge, Graphite Shaft

Please note, a putter is not included in the set, allowing young players the flexibility to select the perfect putter to match their emerging playing style.

Experience the TS5-66 Junior Golf Clubs difference – where innovation meets precision, and every swing is a step closer to golfing mastery. Make a statement on the green with this exceptional 10 Club Only Set, a testament to excellence in design and performance tailored for the next generation of golfing stars.