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U.S.Kids Golf UL7-39 Pitching Wedge

U.S.Kids Golf UL7-39 Pitching Wedge
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UL7 Pitching Wedge Overview

The UL7 Pitching Wedges are designed to offer young golfers ease of playability and enhanced forgiveness, allowing them to achieve high launching distances with improved trajectory control. Engineered with advanced features, these irons provide young players with the confidence to make better shots on the course.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Height Range (39 in. to 42 in.):

    • Tailored for young golfers within the height range of 39 inches to 42 inches, ensuring proper club fit and performance for players in this size bracket.
  2. w30 Model (30% Lighter Club Heads):

    • The UL7 irons feature club heads that are 30% lighter than standard, facilitating increased club head speed for junior players, leading to greater distance and control.
  3. 48-Degree Loft:

    • With a loft of 48 degrees, these irons promote a high launch angle, enabling young golfers to achieve optimal distance with their iron shots while maintaining trajectory control.
  4. K-Flex Graphite Shaft:

    • Equipped with a K-Flex graphite shaft, the UL7 irons provide the necessary flex and stability for junior players to generate power and accuracy in their swings.
  5. 22 in. Finished Club Length:

    • The finished club length of 22 inches is specifically designed for players within the height range of 39 inches to 42 inches, ensuring proper club-to-player proportions and optimal performance.
  6. Size 39 Velvet Rubber Grip:

    • The UL7 irons come with a size 39 velvet rubber grip, offering young golfers a comfortable and secure hold on the club. Replacement grips are available for customization or replacement as needed.

With their enhanced playability, lightweight construction, and forgiveness-focused design, the UL7 irons provide young golfers with the tools they need to develop their skills and enjoy the game to the fullest. Whether hitting long shots from the fairway or navigating challenging lies, these irons offer the performance and confidence young players need to excel on the course.



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