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U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Sand Wedge Steel Shaft

U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Sand Wedge Steel Shaft
U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Sand Wedge Steel Shaft U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Sand Wedge Steel Shaft U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Wedge
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U.S.Kids TS5 Tour Series Sand Wedge Steel Shaft   

The TS5 56-degree Wedge is engineered with innovative features to provide junior golfers with enhanced versatility and control around the greens. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  1. 8620 Carbon Steel Club Heads: The wedge is constructed with durable 8620 carbon steel club heads, ensuring consistent performance and durability over time. This material choice offers excellent feel and feedback, allowing young golfers to better control their shots.

  2. 56-Degree Loft, 12-Degree Bounce: With a loft of 56 degrees and a bounce angle of 12 degrees, this wedge is well-suited for a variety of short game situations. The loft provides versatility for chip shots, pitch shots, and bunker play, while the bounce angle helps the club glide smoothly through various turf conditions, promoting clean contact and spin control.

  3. Two Star Grind: The wedge features a traditional Two Star Grind, which combines greenside versatility with full shot-making control. This grind design includes trailing edge and heel side relief, allowing golfers to manipulate the club face for different shot trajectories and lies. It enhances forgiveness and adaptability in various short game scenarios.

  4. J-Flex Steel Shaft: Equipped with a J-Flex Steel Shaft that is frequency matched and spined, the wedge delivers optimal energy transfer and consistency in ball flight. The low-to-mid flex point of the shaft promotes a balanced trajectory and improved distance control, enabling precise shot execution from various lies and distances.

  5. Appropriately Sized Grips: Each TS5 56-degree Wedge comes with appropriately sized grips to ensure a comfortable and secure hold for junior players. Replacement grips are available for customization and maintenance, allowing young golfers to personalize their equipment according to their preferences.

Overall, the TS5 56-degree Wedge, with its Spin-Tech technology and premium materials, offers junior golfers exceptional feel, control, and versatility in their short game. Whether faced with bunker shots, pitch shots, or delicate chip shots around the greens, this wedge is designed to help young players elevate their performance and confidence on the golf course.




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