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U.S.Kids UL7-51 Driver

U.S.Kids UL7-51 Driver
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The UL7 Driver is meticulously engineered to optimize distance and forgiveness for junior golfers within the specified height range. Here are its features:

  1. Optimal Height Range: Tailored for golfers with an optimal height range of 51 inches to 54 inches, ensuring proper fit and performance alignment.

  2. w20 Model: Featuring the w20 model, the UL7 Driver incorporates club heads that are 20% lighter than standard, allowing young golfers to swing with ease and generate optimal clubhead speed.

  3. 320cc Volume: The driver's 320cc volume provides a forgiving clubhead design, offering enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits and maximizing ball speed for longer distances.

  4. 19-Degree Loft: With a loft of 19 degrees, the UL7 Driver is optimized to launch the ball higher, providing young golfers with optimal trajectory and distance off the tee.

  5. K-Flex Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a K-Flex graphite shaft, the driver offers lightweight construction and flexibility, enabling junior golfers to generate optimal launch conditions and ball flight.

  6. 34-inch Finished Club Length: The driver's finished club length of 34 inches is tailored to golfers within the specified height range, promoting proper setup and swing mechanics for maximum performance.

  7. Size 51 Velvet Rubber Grip: The UL7 Driver comes with a Size 51 velvet rubber grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold for young golfers. Replacement grips are available for convenience and maintenance.

  8. Headcover Not Included: Please note that the headcover is not included with the UL7 Driver.

Overall, the UL7 Driver is designed to empower junior golfers with optimized distance, forgiveness, and confidence off the tee, thanks to its lightweight construction, forgiving clubhead design, and tailored specifications for young players.