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Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge

Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge
Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge
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The Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge offers golfers exceptional performance and versatility around the greens. Here are some key features of the XF Black Wedge:

  1. Classic Teardrop Head Shape: The teardrop head shape of the XF Black Wedge provides golfers with confidence when attacking the pin and versatility to execute a variety of shot types. Whether it's a pitch, chip, or bunker shot, the classic design inspires trust and precision.

  2. Stainless Steel Club Head: The club head is constructed from stainless steel and finished with an electroplated matte black coating. This construction not only provides excellent durability but also enhances feel, encouraging positive shot making and consistent ball striking from various lies and conditions on the course.

  3. Milled Groove Configurations: The grooves on the XF Black Wedge are precision-milled to strict manufacturing tolerances, ensuring optimal spin control from all lies. Whether you're looking to generate backspin on approach shots or control trajectory on delicate pitches, these milled grooves deliver the performance you need.

  4. Available Loft Options: The XF Black Wedge is available in three loft options to suit different shot requirements: 50°, 54°, and 58°. Each loft option is designed to provide golfers with the ideal trajectory and spin characteristics for their short game needs.

  5. Regular Flex Steel Shaft: All loft options of the XF Black Wedge come equipped with a regular flex steel shaft. This shaft provides a balance of stability and feel, allowing golfers to execute precise and controlled shots around the greens.

Overall, the Ben Sayers XF Black Wedge is a reliable and versatile option for golfers looking to improve their short game performance. With its classic design, premium construction, and precise spin control, it's a wedge that can help golfers tackle any shot around the green with confidence.






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