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Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip

Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip
Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grip
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The Golf Pride Reverse Taper range offers six grips designed to enhance your stroke on the putting green. Here are the key product benefits:

  1. Stroke Enhancement Collection: The Reverse Taper grips are the inaugural release of Golf Pride's Stroke Enhancement Collection, designed to improve putting performance.

  2. Reverse Taper Design: Featuring a slim upper hand and wider lower hand, the grips employ a reverse taper design. This design promotes a more stable and consistent putting stroke by stabilizing both hands, resulting in a squarer putter face at impact.

  3. Stabilized Hands: The technology incorporated into the grips helps stabilize both hands during the putting stroke. This stabilization minimizes unwanted hand movements and encourages a smoother, more controlled stroke.

  4. Soft Feel with Enhanced Tacky Texture: The grips offer a soft feel with an enhanced tacky texture, providing golfers with a comfortable and secure grip throughout the putting motion. This tactile feedback enhances confidence and control over the putter.

  5. Dimple Pattern: Each grip in the Reverse Taper range features a dimple pattern throughout its surface. This pattern serves multiple purposes, including improving traction by maximizing contact between the grip and the golfer's hands. Additionally, it provides valuable feedback to the player, aiding in consistent hand placement and stroke execution.

Overall, the Golf Pride Reverse Taper grips combine innovative design features with superior materials to deliver a grip solution that promotes stability, consistency, and confidence on the putting green. Whether you prefer a Pistol, Round, or Flat profile, these grips are available in both Medium and Large sizes to suit your individual preferences and hand size.

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