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Masters FatPlate Pace and Line Trainer PuttMatt

Masters FatPlate Pace and Line Trainer PuttMatt
Masters FatPlate Tour Roll PuttMatt
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Masters FatPlate Pace and Line Trainer PuttMatt

The PuttMatt is meticulously engineered to enhance putting strokes and increase the likelihood of sinking putts. Here's how it achieves these goals:

Double-Putting Tracks: Featuring double putting tracks, the PuttMatt offers technical and transitional training to golfers. These tracks provide a clear visual pathway to the full width of the cup, allowing players to practice their strokes with precision and accuracy. The "effective width" of the tracks helps golfers keep the ball on the intended path, improving their ability to hole more putts consistently.

Robust Construction: Crafted with a durable Stay-flat latex rubber backing and a woven pile surface, the PuttMatt offers exceptional durability and stability. The latex rubber backing ensures that the mat stays flat on any surface, providing a reliable training platform for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, the woven pile surface offers a medium pace of 10, simulating real green conditions for effective practice sessions.

Versatile Compatibility: The PuttMatt is compatible with various training aids, including the PuttPlate, ArcMat, MirrorPlate, and MirrorBoard. This compatibility allows golfers to customize their training setup according to their specific needs and preferences, maximizing the effectiveness of their practice sessions. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other training tools, the PuttMatt provides a versatile and comprehensive solution for improving putting performance.

Suitable for Any Surface: Designed to be compatible with any surface, the PuttMatt can be used indoors or outdoors, on carpet, hardwood floors, or artificial putting greens. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a variety of settings, allowing golfers to practice putting virtually anywhere with ease.

By utilizing the PuttMatt in their training regimen, golfers can refine their putting technique, develop consistency, and increase their confidence on the greens. Whether aiming to improve alignment, distance control, or stroke mechanics, the PuttMatt offers a practical and effective solution for honing putting skills and achieving better results on the golf course.



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