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SuperStroke Zenergy Flatso 17 inch White/Black

SuperStroke Zenergy Flatso 17 inch White/Black
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The Tour 3.0 17" putter grip is making waves in the golfing world, especially after its impressive performance at the 2023 U.S. Open. Here's what sets it apart:

  1. Extended Length: At 17 inches, this grip is 6.4 inches longer than standard grips, offering enhanced. versatility and performance.

  2. Counterbalance Option: By shifting the weight above the hands, the Tour 3.0-17” grip serves as a counterbalance, elevating the balance point of the putter. This promotes a more consistent stroke and improved control.

  3. Armlock Setup: Golfers can also use this grip to achieve an armlock setup by positioning the grip up the forearm. This technique enhances stability and control during the putting stroke.

  4. Traditional Profile: The Tour Series putter grips feature SuperStroke's popular parallel design, which maintains a uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure. This helps golfers maintain a consistent stroke and putter head path.

  5. Compatibility Note: It's important to note that this putter grip does not come with a Tech-Port and cannot house a Counter Core Weight. However, its innovative design and performance-enhancing features make it a must-have for serious golfers looking to take their putting game to the next level.

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