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SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 2.0 Blue/White

SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 2.0 Blue/White
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The Zenergy Pistol putter grip offers a classic pistol shape without taper technology, catering to players who prefer a traditional grip style. Here are the key features of the Zenergy Pistol putter grip:

  1. Classic Pistol Shape: The grip features a classic pistol shape, which is popular among golfers seeking a traditional feel and performance. This shape provides a comfortable grip that promotes proper hand alignment and control during the putting stroke.

  2. No Taper Technology: Unlike some other grip designs, the Zenergy Pistol grip does not incorporate taper technology. This means that the diameter of the grip remains consistent throughout its length, offering a uniform feel and stability in the golfer's hands.

  3. Available in Three Sizes: The Zenergy Pistol grip is available in three sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences. Golfers can choose from Pistol Tour, Pistol 1.0, and Pistol 2.0 sizes to find the best fit for their putting stroke and grip style.

  4. Enhanced Spyne™ Technology: Like all grips in the Zenergy series, the Zenergy Pistol grip features Enhanced Spyne™ Technology. This technology includes a ridge along the underside of the grip to guide golfers to repeatable hand placement, promoting consistency and accuracy in putting.

  5. Multi-Zone Texturing: The grip is equipped with multi-zone texturing, strategically placed to enhance traction and feel. This texturing provides golfers with a secure grip and improved feedback, allowing for better control and confidence on the greens.

  6. Soft Polyurethane Outer Layer: The outer layer of the Zenergy Pistol grip is constructed from soft polyurethane material, offering a comfortable and responsive feel. This material helps absorb impact and vibrations, contributing to a smoother and more controlled putting stroke.

Overall, the Zenergy Pistol putter grip combines classic pistol shape with modern technologies like Enhanced Spyne™ Technology and multi-zone texturing to deliver a reliable and comfortable option for golfers seeking a traditional grip feel on the putting green.












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