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SuperStroke Zenergy XL Plus 2.0 White/Black

SuperStroke Zenergy XL Plus 2.0 White/Black
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The Zenergy Flatso putter grips feature a unique pentagonal profile designed to provide golfers with enhanced control and comfort on the greens. Here's what you can expect from these innovative grips:

  1. Pentagonal Profile: The grips feature a wide, flat front and five pronounced edges, giving golfers a distinct and ergonomic grip surface. This design promotes stability and consistency in hand placement, helping golfers achieve more repeatable strokes.

  2. Enhanced Spyne™ Technology: All Zenergy Flatso grips are equipped with Enhanced Spyne™ Technology, which consists of a ridge along the underside of the grip. This ridge encourages proper hand alignment and helps golfers maintain a consistent grip pressure throughout their stroke.

  3. Multi-Zone Texturing: The grips feature multi-zone texturing, which enhances traction and feel. This texturing is strategically placed to optimize feedback and comfort, allowing golfers to maintain a secure grip without sacrificing comfort during their putting stroke.

  4. Soft Polyurethane Outer Layer: The outer layer of the grips is made from soft polyurethane, providing a comfortable and responsive feel. This material absorbs shock and vibration, reducing hand fatigue and providing golfers with a more enjoyable putting experience.

Available in three sizes—Flatso 1.0, Flatso 2.0, and Flatso 3.0—the Zenergy Flatso putter grips offer golfers of all hand sizes and preferences the opportunity to experience improved performance and feel on the greens.



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