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U.S. Kids TS5 3 Hybrid Graphite Shaft

U.S. Kids TS5 3 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
U.S. Kids TS5 3 Hybrid Graphite Shaft U.S. Kids TS5 3 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
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U.S. Kids TS5 3 Hybrid Graphite Shaft 


The TS5 3-Hybrid is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, combining advanced design features with quality materials. Here's a detailed overview of its key specifications:

  1. Club Head: Constructed from durable 17-4 Stainless Steel, the club head offers strength and stability while optimizing performance on the course.

  2. J-Flex Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a J-Flex Graphite Shaft that is frequency matched and spined, ensuring consistency and reliability in every swing.

  3. Low-to-Mid Flex Point: The shaft's low-to-mid flex point is strategically designed to promote an optimal ball flight trajectory, providing young golfers with enhanced distance and accuracy.

  4. Appropriately Sized Grips: The TS5 3-Hybrid comes with appropriately sized grips to ensure a comfortable and secure hold for junior players. Additionally, replacements are readily available for customization and maintenance.

  5. Headcover Included: Each club is accompanied by a headcover, offering protection during storage and transportation while adding a touch of style to the set.

  6. Available for Both Right Hand and Left Hand: The TS5 3-Hybrid is available in both right-handed and left-handed configurations, catering to the needs and preferences of young golfers regardless of their dominant hand.

Overall, the TS5 3-Hybrid is designed to optimize trajectory, spin, and ball speed, while also enhancing forgiveness on off-center hits. With its combination of advanced features and quality craftsmanship, this hybrid club offers young golfers a reliable and effective tool to elevate their performance on the course.



TS51 Orange 15% Lighter 23 Deg Loft
TS54 Purple 10% Lighter 22 Deg Loft
TS57 Green 10% Lighter 22 Deg Loft
TS60 Purple 5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft
TS63 Yellow 5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft
TS66 Black 5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft


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