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U.S. Kids TS5 3 Wood Graphite Shaft

U.S. Kids TS5 3 Wood Graphite Shaft
U.S. Kids TS5 3 Wood Graphite Shaft
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U.S. Kids TS5 3 Wood Graphite Shaft


The TS5 3-Wood is meticulously designed to offer young golfers exceptional performance and versatility on the course. Here's a detailed overview of its key features:

  1. 17-4 Stainless Steel Club Head: The club head is constructed from high-quality 17-4 stainless steel, ensuring durability, stability, and consistent performance throughout each round.

  2. J-Flex Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a J-Flex Graphite Shaft that is frequency matched and spined, the TS5 3-Wood delivers the perfect combination of flexibility and responsiveness. This shaft design promotes optimal energy transfer and ball flight for enhanced distance and accuracy.

  3. Low-to-Mid Flex Point: The shaft's low-to-mid flex point is strategically engineered to optimize the trajectory of each shot. This feature enables young golfers to achieve a balanced ball flight with sufficient height and distance, ensuring maximum performance from tee to green.

  4. Appropriately Sized Grips: The TS5 3-Wood comes with appropriately sized grips, offering a comfortable and secure hold for junior players. Additionally, replacements are readily available, allowing for customization and maintenance as needed.

  5. Headcover Included: Each TS5 3-Wood is accompanied by a headcover, providing protection against damage and ensuring the club remains in optimal condition between uses. The headcover adds a stylish touch to the set while offering practical functionality.

Overall, the TS5 3-Wood combines advanced technology, quality materials, and thoughtful design to deliver optimal trajectory, spin, and maximum ball speed. With its lightweight construction and premium features, this club empowers young golfers to achieve their full potential on the course while enjoying a superior golfing experience.





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TS54 Purple  10% Lighter 22 Deg Loft
TS57 Green  10% Lighter 22 Deg Loft
TS60 Purple   5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft
TS63 Yellow   5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft
TS66 Black    5% Lighter 21 Deg Loft


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