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U.S.Kids Golf UL7-48 Sand Wedge

U.S.Kids Golf UL7-48 Sand Wedge
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UL7 Sand Wedge Engineering Highlights:

The UL7 Sand Wedge is meticulously designed to offer junior golfers the perfect combination of versatility and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for navigating bunkers and various turf conditions. Here are the key engineering features:

  1. Proven Teardrop Design:

    • The Sand Wedge features a classic teardrop shape, a proven design that provides optimal performance in a wide range of short game situations. This design ensures versatility and allows junior golfers to execute a variety of shots around the green with confidence.
  2. Versatility and Forgiveness:

    • Engineered to deliver versatility and forgiveness, the Sand Wedge is designed to excel in both bunker play and shots from different turf conditions. The club's design provides ample forgiveness on off-center strikes, helping junior golfers maintain consistency and control on approach shots and greenside shots.
  3. Trailing Edge and Heel Relief:

    • The Sand Wedge is equipped with a trailing edge and heel relief, enhancing its performance on full swing shots and greenside shot-making. This design feature ensures smooth turf interaction and promotes clean contact, allowing junior golfers to execute precise shots with ease and confidence.
  4. Optimized Loft and Bounce:

    • With a loft of 56 degrees and a bounce angle of 12 degrees, the Sand Wedge is designed to provide optimal trajectory and spin control. The loft helps junior golfers achieve the necessary height and trajectory for bunker shots and approach shots, while the bounce angle ensures sufficient turf interaction and prevents the club from digging into the turf.
  5. Lightweight Construction:

    • The Sand Wedge is part of the w20 model, featuring 20% lighter club heads compared to standard clubs. This lightweight construction promotes increased swing speed and allows junior golfers to generate more power and distance with their shots.
  6. Graphite Shaft and Velvet Rubber Grip:

    • Equipped with a K-Flex graphite shaft, the Sand Wedge offers flexibility and responsiveness, enabling junior golfers to achieve optimal performance on every shot. The club also features a size 48 velvet rubber grip, providing a comfortable and secure grip for enhanced control and feel. It has an overal lenght of 26.5 inches

Overall, the UL7 Sand Wedge combines innovative design elements and advanced engineering to deliver a versatile and forgiving club that empowers junior golfers to tackle various short game scenarios with confidence and precision.

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