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U.S.Kids Golf UL7-63 Sand Wedge

U.S.Kids Golf UL7-63 Sand Wedge
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The Sand Wedge is meticulously designed to offer versatility and forgiveness across various playing conditions, ensuring optimal performance for golfers within the height range of 63 inches to 66 inches. Here are the key features of the Sand Wedge:

  1. w10 Model (10% Lighter Club Heads): The Sand Wedge is part of the w10 model lineup, indicating that its club head is 10% lighter than standard adult clubs. This design feature promotes smoother swings and increased swing speeds, particularly beneficial for players with moderate swing speeds.

  2. 56-Degree Loft, 12-Degree Bounce, 2-Star Grind: The Sand Wedge features a 56-degree loft and a 12-degree bounce, along with a 2-Star grind. This loft angle and bounce configuration provide versatility and forgiveness from bunkers and all turf conditions, allowing golfers to execute a wide range of shots with confidence.

  3. K-Flex Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a K-Flex graphite shaft, the Sand Wedge offers flexibility and responsiveness tailored to the needs of developing players. The graphite construction enhances swing speed and generates a higher ball flight, contributing to increased distance and control.

  4. 34.5-inch Finished Club Length: The Sand Wedge is designed with a finished club length of 34.5 inches, providing a comfortable setup for golfers within the specified height range. The length is optimized to encourage proper alignment and consistency throughout the swing.

  5. Size 63 Velvet Rubber Grip: Each Sand Wedge comes with a Size 63 velvet rubber grip, offering a soft and tacky feel for improved control and comfort. The grips are designed to accommodate hand size and preferences, with replacements available for customization.

Overall, the Sand Wedge combines classic design elements with modern technologies to deliver optimal performance and versatility around the greens, making it an essential club in any golfer's bag.




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