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U.S.Kids UL7-60 5 Club Stand Bag Set

U.S.Kids UL7-60 5 Club Stand Bag Set
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The UL7 golf set is carefully crafted for beginner to intermediate players within the optimal height range of 60 inches to 63 inches. This set, featuring the w10 model with 10% lighter club heads, is designed to facilitate ease of playability and support the development of young golfers. Here are the key features:

  1. Optimal Height Range 60 in. to 63 in.: The set is tailored for junior golfers falling within the height range of 60 inches to 63 inches, ensuring that the clubs are appropriately sized for their stature.

  2. w10 Model (10% Lighter Club Heads): The w10 model incorporates 10% lighter club heads, providing young players with clubs that are easier to swing and control. This design helps in getting the ball up in the air with greater ease, a crucial aspect for developing players.

  3. Stand Bag: The set comes with a lightweight Stand Bag, equipped with a dual-strap system for easy lifting. The bag is designed to provide convenient and comfortable carrying of the clubs during rounds

  4. Clubs in the Set:

    • Driver (Headcover Included): The driver is a key club in the set, essential for tee shots and long-distance play. A headcover is included for protection.
    • 4 Hybrid (Headcover Included): The 4 Hybrid provides a versatile option for various situations on the course. A headcover is included for added club protection.
    • 7 Iron: An intermediate iron suitable for a range of distances and scenarios on the course.
    • Pitching Wedge: Designed for shorter approach shots, providing precision and control.
    • Sandhills Putter: The putter is crucial for accuracy on the greens, aiding in developing a consistent putting stroke.
  5. Additional Clubs Available for Purchase or Through 6th Club Free:

    • 3 Wood: Ideal for longer shots off the tee or from the fairway.
    • 6 Iron: Offering versatility for mid-range shots on the course.
    • 8 Iron: A club suitable for various distances in approach shots.
    • 9 Iron: Providing additional options for approach shots to the green.
    • Sand Wedge: Tailored for shots from bunkers and various turf conditions.
  6. Set Packaging: The entire UL7 set is packaged in a Point of Sale (POS) box, ensuring that all components are securely stored and presented in an organized manner.

In summary, the UL7 golf set is designed to support the progression of young golfers, offering a well-rounded selection of clubs with features that aid in skill development. The inclusion of a customizable Stand Bag adds a personalized touch to the set. The availability of additional clubs allows players to expand their set as they advance in their golfing journey.

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