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US Kids Tour Series TS5-51 w15 Titanium Driver

US Kids Tour Series TS5-51 w15 Titanium Driver
US Kids Tour Series TS5-51 w15 Titanium Driver
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 US Kids Tour Series TS5-51 w15 Titanium Driver

The TS5 Driver is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for junior golfers looking to enhance their driving game. Here are the key features of the TS5 Driver:

  1. w15 Model: The driver features a w15 model, indicating that the club heads are 15% lighter than adult clubs. This lightweight design is tailored to suit the swing speed and strength of junior players, promoting faster clubhead speed and improved distance.

  2. 420cc Beta Forged Titanium Club Head: The driver boasts a Beta Forged Titanium club head with a 420cc volume. This advanced material construction optimizes forgiveness and durability while allowing for maximum energy transfer at impact, resulting in longer and straighter drives.

  3. 16-Degree Loft: With a loft of 16 degrees, the driver provides an optimal launch angle for junior golfers to achieve maximum distance and carry. The loft angle is carefully chosen to suit the swing characteristics of young players, promoting consistent ball flight and trajectory.

  4. J-Flex Graphite Shaft: Equipped with a J-Flex Graphite Shaft that is frequency matched and spined, the driver ensures enhanced stability and control throughout the swing. The low-to-mid flex point of the shaft optimizes ball flight, allowing for effortless launch and increased distance off the tee.

  5. 34-Inch Finished Club Length: The driver comes with a finished club length of 34 inches, offering a comfortable setup and swing for junior golfers. This length is tailored to the height and stature of young players, allowing for proper alignment and posture at address.

  6. Appropriately Sized Grips: Each TS5 Driver is fitted with appropriately sized grips to accommodate the hands of junior golfers. These grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, promoting confidence and control during the swing. Replacement grips are also available for customization and maintenance.

  7. Headcover Included: The driver comes with a headcover included, offering protection for the club head during transportation and storage. The headcover helps preserve the driver's appearance and performance over time, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment on the course.

In summary, the TS5 Driver combines advanced technology with junior-friendly features to deliver exceptional performance and forgiveness. Designed to optimize launch conditions and ball speeds, this driver empowers young golfers to develop a natural and powerful swing while achieving maximum distance and accuracy off the tee.




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